Sunday, 14 January 2018

My Granty Flo is in hospital

Last week my granty (great grand aunt) had to be rushed to the hospital, now at the time we weren't sure what had happened, just that she sounded like she was coming down with something when daddy talked to her the day before.
We later found out that she had had a mild heart attack brought on by the stress of having a flood in her apartment (we know all too well what that is like). Yesterday daddy got to talk to her for a short time on the phone, she has a viral infection and they are treating her for that, we think she might be released sometime later this week. So next week we will go visit her when she is at home and a little better, plus daddy has to go get some more blank cards to make her a get well soon card, daddy was going to start one last night but he discovered he didn't have any blank ones left. The good news is that we have two mother's day cards already for May.

Now, on to some slight more fun things, I showed off the three (technically 6) collectors cards we got when we went to see Last Jedi last month, I also said that we had sent away for the rest of the collection. Well, those cards came in the mail last week, we have doubles of three of them now.
The first three pictures are of the ones we got on December 14th.
First card in the set

These next cards are from the rest of the set, these are the ones that came in the mail last week.

I love the Porgs

The helmet is a First Order gunner's

Two of my favorite droids from the new trilogy, black and silver is BB-9E and the other one is BB-8
 Now, you might remember daddy had bought one of the Judicial axes that the Executioner troopers use, and he repainted it, well he's made it even better.
This is what it looked like right out of the store.

Really boring looking right
 Now check out how awesome it looks now!!!!
Daddy painted it black and silver like the rest of his weapons

Then he added some EL wire (that blue rope stuff)

This is what it looks like in the movie, pretty close to the real thing don't you think?
Now, this bit of information hasn't been confirmed, so I don't know if it's true or not. But, Princes William and Harry were the two executioner troopers in the movie. Of course, there are lots of cameos in the movie, the director of Rogue One was in the big battle scene on the planet.

Wednesday, 20 December 2017

The Last Jedi is AWESOME!!!!!!!

After 2 years of waiting for the new Star Wars movie to come out it finally has, me and daddy went to see it on opening night December 14th.

I won't be posting any spoilers about the new movie, so don't worry if you guys haven't seen it yet.

I do however have a "leaked" image that Peter "Chewbacca" Mayhew posted just before the movie premiered last week.
This is an image of a Star Wars leek.
Yeah, yeah, I know, horrible joke, but remember it wasn't me it was Mr Mayhew that posted it.

Okay, my old TIE fighter shell was getting really old, Sunki had it before me, and it was a landing craft before it became a TIE fighter. So it was about time that daddy built a newer better one for me.
This is what the shell looked like before

This is what it looked like earlier this year, as you can see it was really starting to fall apart.

Daddy started out by looking at some of the TIE fighters that were already in use.
We didn't see any we liked in this picture
So daddy kept searching, and he eventually found this one.
This is the one we both liked
So the next step was to convert this picture into something that would fit my stroller.
This is daddy's first rough draft
After the rough draft we needed something to build from, luckily daddy took a couple of drafting courses when he was in high school, so drawing the plans was easy.
This is the drafted plan with all the measurements to build it.
The next step for the build was to get the materials to build it with, well we built it out of stuff called foamcore (paper with styrofoam sandwiched between).
This is the basic shape for the lower wing
The one thing that we decided early on was that it would need to fit within the wheelbase of my stroller.

The lower wing with the white boarder to make it stand out.
This was just a dry fit to make sure everything fit, that's the reason for the green tape.

Almost finished, it's put together, the next step is to put the lights on

Me and daddy were heading to a cosplay party, so we didn't have time to install everything.
Now it was on to installing the lights, so that my new TIE fighter has engines and weapons.
A collage showing the finished TIE Fighter with the lights installed.
Me and my TIE Fighter have been a big hit since daddy put it on my stroller.

Now, for some of the awesome stuff that we've gotten from the new movie.
These are the collectible 3D glasses from the movie

 Daddy wanted me to model the 3D glasses, but that wasn't gonna happen. First of all, there wasn't a 3D movie to watch. Second, these glasses don't work for me.

I had my stunt bunny model them for me
 I'll admit that they do make him look kinda cool.
Closeup of the glasses, these are the Executionertrooper version.

The collectors cup, with my new favorite droid BB-9E as the topper
 These next pictures are the collectible cards that they gave out before the movie, these three are double sided and are part of a set of 8 cards.
First card in the set

 We should be getting the rest of this set in 4 - 8 weeks (or sooner depending on the speed of the postal system).
Daddy made my lightsaber even better, now it actually looks like Kylo Ren's.

Daddy in his costume at the cosplay party
And now for a few fun Star Wars pictures
I also got my picture taken with a Santa Claus

Sunday, 5 November 2017

So much fun redux

Let me start off by telling you about something called a Tattoo, now, to most people, a tattoo is a picture that someone has inked on to their bodies. It's supposed to be "art" but to me, it's just gross and ruins what is beautiful in its original wrapper.
The Tattoo I'm referring to is military in origin and used to be called a TapToe. Way back when soldiers used to go into towns and hang out in taverns, this is known as being "off base" in military terms. Well, to get all those, now drunk, soldiers back to base a regimental drummer would march up and down the street calling out TapToe, or "Turn off the Taps", this was a two-part signal. The first part was to tell the tavern and innkeepers to stop serving drinks, and second for the soldiers to return to base (usually a camp outside of the town). Eventually, other instruments were added, such as the fife. Soon there was a whole military band marching along the streets, and soldiers would fall in and march behind the band back to camp. This became known as a Tattoo, military bands and pipes and drums putting on a show to entertain the townspeople.
Last week me, daddy and granty Flo went to see one of the oldest and longest running Tattoos, it wasn't live (but that would have been awesome), but they did show it on a big movie screen in a theatre, so it was almost like being there. The event is called the Royal Edinburgh Military Tattoo (Royal because the Queen has given her approval for it). In fact, the officers who were the special guests (they returned the salutes as the performers marched off) were HRH Prince Charles and one of his sons Prince William.
Me and daddy hope that this will start a new tradition of showing the Tattoo here on a movie screen, and faint hope though it is, actually bringing the Tattoo here live.
The poster for the Tattoo
In my Stroller at the theatre

Okay, now to one of my many favorite holidays, Halloween. Daddy was excited to show off his brand new costume, he'd only worn it once before, back in September for Fan Expo. And he added a few things to it since then, so this was the first chance he'd gotten to put it all together. Daddy was grumbling to himself when we were at the street party, people kept calling him Boba Fett, neither of his costumes aren't even close to being like Fett's. True the two characters are both from Mandalore and both are bounty hunters, but that is where the similarities end. In fact, Boba isn't even a true Mandalorian, he's a clone of Jango Fett, who was the basis for the clone army of the Republic during the Clone Wars.
Whoops, went off on a rant, but we need people to know there are more characters wearing that kind of armor then just two guys, there's a whole planet.
Anyway, me and daddy hung out at granty Flo's place until it was time to go over to the party, which means I got to run around and explore her place. That's really fun because there are so many little places I can hide and pop out and scare them, plus her place isn't bunny proofed like my house is.
We don't have a picture of daddy in his costume from Halloween, we asked granty Flo to take it, but she messed the picture up completely.
Daddy's new weapon for his costume

It's not going to look like this when he gets finished with it.
A better idea of what it will look like, the parts under the green tape are going to be painted silver.

In my stroller on Halloween, daddy added lights so everyone could bask in my awesomeness.

Wednesday, 18 October 2017

We're going to MARS!!!

Okay, well, we aren't really going to Mars. But our names are going there. Daddy found a site where he submitted our names for a mission called InSight, it's going to be launched in May next year. The mission will land at the Elysium Planitia (Plain of Ideal Happiness), the mission will see what Mars is made of under the surface.
Back to our names, the names will be etched onto a microchip. It's the second chip with names that will go to Mars, the first chip already has over 10,000 names on it.
Elysium Planitia is just to the right of Elysium Mons
Each person that submits their name gets a boarding pass, so these are the ones we've got.
This is my little cousin's pass, he just turned 4 years old last Sunday (October 15th)

My older cousins pass

My pass

Chewies pass

daddy's pass
You can submit your names here.

Daddy got a new piece for his costume, he's working on incorporating it into the rest of his costume. He's got two weeks to go until Halloween to get it ready.
The glove didn't come with it.
This is what the underside of the device looks like
Do you see the pointed part?

That pointed part is a hidden blade, the skull is the button that activates the blade
This is what the blade looks like from above.
Daddy is going to paint the blade to look like it's a lightsaber.