Tuesday, 23 August 2016

So many exciting things to do

In just under a week me and daddy will be going to a big fair, daddy tells me that him and Sunki used to go to it every year before they discovered Fan Expo.

Well, on Monday we are going, but not alone. We'll have my granty Flo, daddy's cousin and his partner with us. We are going to rent a wheelchair for her, she has trouble walking long distances, so that should help her get around. We were going to rent a Boy Scout to push her around, but with one other person with us daddy and Scotty (Daddy's cousins partner) can take turns pushing her.
An interesting side note to the wheelchair/Boy Scout rental, when daddy was younger he was the first one in his district to volunteer to do the wheelchair rental (it's run by the Boy Scouts). The district gave daddy an award for volunteering, the next year a whole group of Scouts from his district volunteered there. Daddy always tells people that "his job was to push disabled people around"...... when they give him a horrified look he finishes by saying ".....in wheelchairs".

Then next Saturday we are going to Fan Expo, there we are going to be with my grandma and cousin. Daddy's cousin and Scotty and one of daddy's friends. There are lots of things we want to do there, top on the list is getting an autograph/picture with Mark Hamill. A few weeks ago daddy wasn't sure if we'd be able to get that, you see his price is $195, but daddy's friend is getting his picture taken with him, so we're going to piggyback with him to get a picture.

A couple of days after Fan Expo is an air show, daddy says that depending on how much we spend at Fan Expo will determine where we watch the air show from. So it's either going to back at the fair, or on a beach.

I'm not sure what adventure I'm more excited for, I guess all of them.

Monday, 25 July 2016

Another week, another hospital visit for daddy

Last week it was because of a panic attack, this week (yesterday) it was because he overheated. To be fair it was REALLY, REALLY hot outside yesterday. Daddy says it was as hot as the surface of the sun, we'd like it to be around the temperature of molten lava.
We almost made it home, we were mere feet from the front door of our building when daddy collapsed. He was able to call 911 and get help, but it took nearly 9 hours for daddy to get well enough to go home. Of course I was with him the whole time, and made sure the doctors and nurses took really good care of him.
There's one nurse I want to give a special shoutout to, her name was Kim, she took really good care of both me and daddy while we were there. Before we left I made sure daddy gave her one of our cards.
guard bunny

nobun better poke or prod my daddy

Ya know what, I'm thirsty

Nurse Kim brought in a bowl and filled it with water

washing up for the pretty nurses

I got to tour around the hospital on the bed with daddy

We went to a place where they take special pictures

I hope they got my good side when they took the pictures
I'm addicted to daddy nose rubs, nobun is allowed to pet my nose except daddy.
Daddy made a special ribbon, it's the blue one on my stroller. It's special because it shows that we support police officers world wide that keep us safe. A little interesting thing, the pin at the far right of this picture, it's from the RCMP (Royal Canadian Mounted Police). The RCMP are Canada's federal police force, their like the U.S. Marshals only more polite (Canadian joke).
This blue ribbon is very special

Monday, 18 July 2016

Saturday, a day best forgotten

This past Saturday me and daddy went to a cosplay picnic, unlike the last we went to, this one took a few extra steps to get to. The one we went to earlier this year was held in a city park (and was canceled before it even got going). The one on Saturday was still held in a city park (and wasn't canceled) but took one mode of transportation that I hadn't been on.... yet. I got to ride a ferry boat!!!!

This is the boat we took
 The reason we had to take a boat to get to a city park? Well, the park is an island out in the harbor.
The black line is how long the lineup to buy tickets to board the ferry
You see the black line on the picture above, that line shows how long the line was just to buy tickets to board the ferry. When we got there the wait was upwards of 90 minutes, that is, if we had needed to buy our ticket there. Daddy had bought our ticket online a few days before, so we skipped that line, and it only took about 5 minutes to get on the ferry.
This is my excited face
Waiting to board the ferry I got to thinking about grass. I was wondering if the grass on an island tastes different then grass on the mainland.
This is me pondering that question
It took the ferry 15 minutes to go from the city to the island dock, yep that quick.
We then had to walk for another 15 minutes to get to where the picnic was taking place.
this is the path we took
Daddy is finally happy with the outer portion of his costume, he just has a few minor adjustments to make it fit better.
Daddy in his costume
In World War 2 pilots would often put marks on their planes to show how many enemy planes they'd shot down, daddy wanted to do the same sort of thing for his costume. He was trying to figure out what he could use that would show up, then it dawned on him, the spikes. So here is what he came up with, there are three colors of small spikes, black, silver and gold (over 300 of them). The black spikes represent creatures he's killed, the silver are creatures he's captured alive for bounties and the gold are creatures he's killed for the bounties. The larger spikes represent ships, silver for ships he's captured or damaged and gold for ships he's destroyed (around 40 of them).

Now, for the part that is best forgotten. The picnic was rather large, so their were lots of people, but daddy didn't know anyone. So of course daddy was sitting off to the edge of the gathering, he started to get anxious, which is a warning sign that he is heading into a panic attack. Daddy took his medication, and listened to the MP3s that coach him how to keep calm. It didn't help much, so we went to see if we could find help. It wasn't easy, daddy couldn't find any first aid stations. After a little while I saw a fire truck go by.
This is the fire truck I saw
It was to late to flag this one down, but a fire department van came by a short time later, daddy was able to catch up to it and they helped him.
This is the fire van we flagged down
It seemed to take forever for the ambulance to get to where we were.
Fire department
That red line shows where the fire department is, far right of the picture, the far left of the picture is where we were. It took over 30 minutes for the ambulance to get from the fire station to us. Once we were in the ambulance they took us to the next leg of our journey, which was a boat back to the mainland.
This is the ambulance that took us to the dock
This is the police boat that took us from the island to the mainland.
We got taken to the hospital, in a proper ambulance.
This is a mainland ambulance
Once we got to the hospital we got put into a room, and I stayed on the bed with daddy until one of the nurses brought my stroller to the room.
Part guarding daddy, part wondering where my stroller is

Hey, paper, time to practice shredding it
Taking a break from shredding and guard duty to check on daddy.
Once we were released from the hospital we took a taxi up to granty Flo's place, we were going to stay there overnight and come home Sunday morning. But daddy had a thought, he decided to see how much it would cost to get a taxi back to our place, WAY to much for a regular taxi. So daddy tried to see how much it would cost to take an Uber car back, it was a LOT cheaper. After a discussion with granty Flo about the cost, it was decided that me and daddy would order an Uber car to take us home. We got home just after 1230 am (we left home before 1000am Saturday morning, over 14 hours away from home). When daddy put me back into my pen I had a drink, used my litter box, then flopped and slept right through until late morning. I was so fast asleep that I missed getting bedtime treats.

Oh, and one more little thing. Everybun knows that I can charm the ladies (I get it from Sunki), well, I had the nurses and doctors at the hospital down right smitten with me. One nurse brought daddy some food (an orange juice and sandwich), but she brought me something too, without even knowing it, she brought me a NANER!!!!!!!! (banana) It even had a face drawn on it.
That very same nurse stayed with us until the taxi picked us up and took us to granty Flo's place.

Tuesday, 14 June 2016

I got to play outside on the ground

I know, Sunki got to do that a lot when he was alive, but since daddy brought me home I haven't had many chances.

Sunday me and daddy went to an arts and crafts festival, it was held in a park. Daddy also contacted his real life Facebook buddy, and we were going to meet up with him down at that park.
Me and daddy arrived right on time (daddy's a stickler for arriving places on time), we wondered around and looked at the artists and talked to a few of them (especially the ones that did art that had bunnies in it). After wondering daddy had to sit down and rest for a bit, he also had to change out of his jacket because it had gotten a little warmer. So daddy let me get down on the grass and play, at first I stayed really close to him, but I got braver as time went on.
This is really strange stuff

I'm not sure what to do here daddy

Daddy says we needed vitamin D, whatever that is.
 We waited for quite a bit for daddy's friend to show up, I got really sleepy, so I climbed up into daddy's arms and dozed for a bit.
DO NOT DISTURB bunny sleeping
After I'd had a bit of a rest I played some more, and got brave enough to venture out to the end of my leash (about two lengths of my stroller).
I peed in this spot, at least I think I did.

I think there might be other bunnies in this park, I don't remember peeing here.
When daddy's friend arrived we went to a place that sold mini pepperoni sticks made with exotic meats. Daddy's friend got him two packages made with kangaroo. We think it might give daddy a bit more hop in his step.
Daddy's friend got him two of these packages
 A little later on we were sitting on a bench some ladies bought a couple of daddy's cartoon cards, so daddy had a bit of money and he went and bought this other package made with llama.
This is made with llama meat
In a couple of weeks me and daddy are going to a pet festival, daddy has entered me into a best dressed pet contest during that festival. I'll let everyone know what happens after that event. I want to win, daddy says the prize is $1000 dollars. However I'm not sure I really want to win after daddy said what he wants to do with the money, he wants to get me and Chewbacca fixed.
Here's a video daddy took on Sunday of me playing in the grass, it's with his new phone and is raw unedited video.

Sunday, 8 May 2016

Star Wars Day 2016

Back on Wednesday there was a big party to celebrate Star Wars, daddy tells me that the forth day in May is Star Wars day because it sounds like May the Force be with you (May the Fourth be with you). Of course there are three other days in May that we celebrate too, the 1st of May because it is written like 5/01 but if you take the slash out it looks like this 501, which is of course the Stormtrooper legion. The next one is May 5th and it is said like this Revenge of the fifth (Revenge of the Sith). And the last day is also a very special day for daddy too, that day is May 14th. Daddy calls it Thank the Maker Day, George Lucas (the guy who created Star Wars) was born on May 14th 1945 (daddy was born some years later on May 14th 1972).

Okay, I bet you're all ugently waiting for the report on what happened that day, I'm getting to it.
Me and daddy left early to go downtown, he wanted to get a special belt for his costume (which he didn't get because it was way more then what he wanted to spend). We were about to head to my granty Flo's place to hangout until it was time to go down to the party, but she had to leave to go visit my great grandma (more on that later). So, me and daddy had to find something else to keep up entertained until the party started.

As we were walking down Yonge St (which is the longest road in the world) daddy found that he had lost the gloves to his costume, he was kind of mad at himself for it. So we went in search of replacement gloves that could be quickly modified to match his costume, once we found those daddy had to spend some time modifying them (which killed about 30 minutes).
These are the gloves daddy lost.

By the time daddy had finished with his gloves, and had gotten something to eat it was time to go to the party.
This is where the party took place, the square and in the Hard Rock Cafe which is top center of the picture

Daddy in his costume in the square

My May 4th MEME

Hanging around all those filthy rebels, so I gotta clean up

Daddy in the costume contest.

One of our friends from Order 416, he's dressed as Poe Dameron
 Order 416 is a Star Wars costuming club, only their not as strict about the costumes, which is what daddy likes about them.
It was well past my bedtime, so I was starting to get sleepy.
Now, back to why we couldn't go hang out with my granty Flo, my great grandma's health had been getting bad for the last few months. The human vets said that she was nearing the end of her life and family should go see her quickly. My granty Flo is her sister, so she had to be with her when she passed.
I am sad to report that Friday morning my great grandma finally passed over the rainbow bridge, I'm sure that Sunki was there to greet her. This Wednesday is the funeral and daddy says I have to be extra good (it means I have to get dressed up in my formal clothes, but then so does daddy). This will be the first time I get to meet the rest of daddy's family, I'm really looking forward to that, although the setting could have been a little happier.

Tuesday, 3 May 2016

GTA Collectables Expo

Daddy was feeling rather depressed about missing ComicCon back in March (remember he was sick for most of February and March). Well, he's been looking for things to go to so he can dress up in his costume (and me in my costume). There's been a few chances that ended in disaster, a cosplay picnic that got canceled at the last minute.

But Saturday night daddy was looking at posts on Facebook, he found an event happening on Sunday. I should point out that daddy found this event at 2am, the event started at 10:00am (which left 8 hours to get ready and sleep for a bit). The event was called the GTA Collectables Expo, it was a very small, very basic ComicCON type event (but ComicCon has been copyrighted up here, so no one is allowed to use that name).

Daddy got my stroller ready (putting the TIE fighter shell on, and putting all my toys in), then got his costume ready to go. Then he went back to bed.

I "love" my BB-8 stuffie

Daddy got me a bunch of toys to play with (chew on).

Playing with my hay carrot

Looking cute and innocent for everyone (but daddy knows better)

Getting cleaned up to look even cuter for the ladies.
They had a costume contest, daddy made it into the final 10, but lost to three people.
Afro Samurai, The Joker and Harley Quinn (these two were the winners) and me and daddy.

Daddy bought the crossbow and modified it at the event to make it into a Bowcaster.

This is what a bowcaster looks like from the movies
Daddy also added a whole bunches of spikes to his costume.
Daddy's leg armor

These would really hurt

Daddy's gloves, there are 20 spikes on each glove.

Daddy's helmet.
The girl is named Blackcat (I think she might be from the Marvel Universe)

You can see most of daddy's costume.
Daddy joked that a Mandalorian bounty hunter can never have to many weapons, he lost count of how many he has.
Look in the back ground of the picture above, there was live professional wrestling (daddy wasn't impressed by it, he says he's been spoiled by the WWE wrestling).

Oh, there was also a guy that invents things in his backyard (probably in a garage or workshop), the stuff he makes are working prototypes of things from Hollywood and videogames.
The guy with the mic is the inventor, the contraption in the foreground is something he invented.
 The Delorian time machine is NOT a working prototype!
Two guys trying to lift the Delorian

Four guys (including Afro Samurai) can lift it with a lot of effort

The inventor in the exoskeleton can lift it by himself (there's a lady and a kid inside the car)

Can you spot another iconic prop from the Back To The Future movies, hint it's flat and hot pink.
Tomorrow me and daddy are heading downtown to a BIG Star Wars day party, I'll be posting another blog on Thursday telling about how that went. Until then, May The Force Be With You.