Friday, 6 January 2017

Getting caught up

Wow, so much going on lately, the new Star Wars movie, Christmas and all sorts of other things.

So I'll start with the new Star Wars movie (because it was awesome), on December 16th me and daddy took Uncle Tim to see Rogue One: A Star Wars Story, it's the first in a series of stand alone movies. Me and daddy have already seen it twice, and we are still seeing neat little things in it.

Now, Christmas was awesome, Santa Paws brought me lots of stuff.
I got a new winter jacket, I needed a new one because I out grew the hoodie that I inherited from Sunki.

This is the hoodie I got from Sunki
And here is my brand new jacket from Santa Paws

You'll notice that it's also camouflaged
Daddy had to do some alterations to make it fit me better, and added something to make it even better.
Those four squares are the loop part of velcro, and just above is a hole for my tag

Here you can see what that velcro was for, it's for my Galactic Empire patch.
I also got a new sports team jersey, and a new toy (which I have since destroyed).
My Stocking

All of my stuff from Santa Paws hung from my stocking

My new Toronto Maple Leafs jersey
 Daddy says I get to wear my new jersey today when we go to a special event celebrating the Leafs 100th anniversary, I'm hoping that I can get more autographs on the hat that daddy and Sunki started a few years ago.

Daddy also got a bunch of presents too.
These gloves are very special

The black boxes are what makes them special, they're battery packs

The batteries provide power to heat the gloves, so no more frozen hands for daddy while pushing my stroller
The mouse for daddy's computer started to malfunction, so daddy needed a new one, and I approve of this mouse.
Daddy's new mouse, with Darth Vader on it, although I don't approve of it because it's wireless.
Daddy also got some new fidget toys, these keep his hands and mind busy so he won't focus on something that he is stressing about.

This set is can make shapes

This set glows in the dark.
We also got presents for my human cousins. For the younger one Arthur, we got a box set of four cardboard books based on his favorite cartoon, Paw Patrol.
The Paw Patrol box set

We also found this cute little toy of Marshall, his favorite character.
For my older cousin Robbie, well, he was a little more of a challenge. We couldn't find ANY of the toys he wanted, so we got him a gift card. We are trying to find something in addition to the gift card, so far the options are taking him to something like ComicCon or trying to find a toy now (I mean the stores should have restocked everything after the holidays right?)
This is the front of the card that daddy made for Robbie

This is the inside of the card, we thought it was pretty funny.

Tuesday, 20 December 2016

The new Star Wars movie

Me and daddy are heading to the theater to watch Rogue One: A Star Wars Story.... again. We saw it opening day (Friday Dec 16th), and it was just that good that we want to see a few more times... okay, more then a few times. All sorts of Star Wars goodies (Easter Eggs) to look for in this movie, they make references to both the prequel and original trilogies and we see some characters from both trilogies too.

My new favorite droid is K-2SO, he's an Imperial Battle statistics droid that's been reprogrammed to aid the Rebels, and he's a smart ass like Chopper, Artoo, BB-8, only Kay-too you can understand because he speaks English.

Sunday, 25 September 2016

Bunfest 2016

Bunfest 2016 wasn't all it could have been, both me and daddy are rather disappointed with the volunteer organizer, so this might be our last official blog covering Bunfest.

The emails daddy exchanged with the organizers were positive, but when we got there today we were caught off guard when one of the organizers escorted us out because we didn't have someone with us at the time. Now, the arrangements daddy had made was for grandma, grandpa and my cousins Robbie and Arthur would arrive later in the day to drive us home. However the lady that escorted us out said that it wasn't good enough and we needed a babysitter for the whole day, which tossed out all of our last minute work at making new arrangements to work with the organizers. So, the meltdown that we were all trying to prevent in the first place happened anyway, daddy had to call grandpa and make new arrangements.
What all this means is that grandma (who worked late yesterday and was still sleeping) had to get up early, and get the two boys ready then come all the way up to where we were. So long story short, none of us are happy with Rabbit Rescue or the organizers of Bunfest.

Now on to the good parts of today, we met up with one of daddy's long time friends and his two bonded bunnies, he was more then happy to escort us until grandma and grandpa could get there, so we were still able to do some of our job. Which wasn't all that great.... for me, it meant that daddy was able to get them to torture me earlier, yep, daddy had them cut my nails.
Before the torture began, I got a little break when they had an emergency with another bunny
These are daddy's friends two bunnies, note the camouflage pet stroller
The representative from Martin Mills foods they make my favorite pellets.
The package of pellets that daddy got us

I was just a little hungry so

Now, for some of the vendors.
To tell you the truth, I have no idea which vendor this is

The bake shop, Sweets from the Earth daddy said everything looked good, but he didn't want to risk eating anything due to allergies

Okay, not sure who this vendor is either

This is IND WRX

This is the Sarcastic Rabbit

As you can see this is the DiBA Dog vendor

This is their jewelry that they make

One of the t-shirts the humans can get from the Rabbit Rescue Store
And now for some of the toys and treats daddy got for us bunnies.
all the stuff daddy got us

The free treats they handed out at the door

Not sure what the heck this is, a cooshie ball rabbit.

These are oat groats, daddy tells me that Sunki loved these

Daddy got us some willow leaves

my chew toy bowl... lets see how long this will last

Um, daddy, this is NOT a hat

Who turned out the lights

Now for a special section of pictures taken by my older cousin Robbie when he was at Bunfest.
Robbie's pictures

The bees from Toronto Bee Rescue

The cards from Greets & Giggles

Greets & Giggles